Learn what swim lessons and self-defense have in common

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Swim lessons and self-defense may seem worlds apart. What does the breast stroke have to do with kicking and punching? AHA! The answer is nothing (that I can think of). I’m not talking about the specifics of each, rather, more of the reasons for each. And those reasons are fundamentally the same; to avoid getting into a bad situation OR what to do when you’re in a bad situation.

Swim lessons are like self-defense for water

If you have taken lessons or were taught how to swim, you have the skills to enjoy the water. You are not afraid to hold your breath and go under the water because you were taught how to do it safely. There is more to learn if you visit the ocean. Tides can pull you away from shore – something you won’t encounter in a swimming pool. You need to know how to get out of that situation ( swim parallel to the shore! ) so that you will not panic. Panic never leads to a positive outcome. Taking swim lessons does not mean you will be the next Michael Phelps. It simply means you participated in educating yourself to protect yourself from harm while in the water. This type of knowledge means you can enjoy yourself and have a healthy respect for water, not a stifling fear.

Self-defense class is like learning to swim on land

We know that 70% of Earth is covered in water. If my math is correct that leaves 30% of dry land. Most teens are required to take a driver’s education class before tesing for their license – I know I did. What I took away from that class was how to look for warning signs, like black ice in cold weather and slick roadways when it first starts to rain. I also was taught about ABS brakes and hydroplaning. Once again the basic theme is how to avoid being in a bad situation AND what to do if you find yourself in a bad situation.

Most likely if you ask someone if they took swim lessons the answer is “Yes.” You will probably get the same answer if you ask if he or she has taken driver’s ed. Ask someone if they have ever taken a self-defense class and a large majority will answer with a negative. Of course there is usually at least one person who carries mace or pepper spray. That could be more dangerous than never having taken a real defense class!

Make self-defense as important as swim lessons

Enrolling in a self-defense class should be as important as swim lessons and driver’s education. A great class will teach the warning signs and how to avoid them. It will also include a physical component and will help you test your skills in a safe environment. You will learn about physiological changes when in an unsafe situation, and why some defensive techniques may be better than others.

There is really no one section of society that needs a self-defense class more than another. Everyone needs it. Make an effort to seek out a local self-defense class, workshop or seminar. It’s an important part of life’s curriculum!

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