This week’s Student Spotlight

student spotlight

Student Spotlight

The Bushido School of Karate is so appreciative of the students and families that are a part of our Bushido Karate family. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching for over 2 decades and in that time have been privileged to teach thousands of students. Everyone started at the beginning with no shortcuts, and we are so proud of their accomplishments.  Our weekly Student Spotlight will feature randomly chosen students that are on their own journey at The Bushido School of Karate.

This week’s spotlight is shared by Erin and Georgia!

  • Erin is 9 years old, is in 4th grade and is a green belt at Bushido Karate. She started karate classes in August 2014.
  • Quote from Erin:  My favorite thing about training at Bushido Karate?  “I like wood breaking because it’s fun and I get excited. It makes me feel strong!””
  • Georgia is 10 years old, is in 5th grade and is a red belt at Bushido Karate. She started karate classes in August 2014.
  • Quote from Georgia:  “My favorite thing about training at Bushido Karate is learning how to do things I didn’t know I could do.”
  • Georgia and Erin’s mom says: “Training with Shihan Mehrkar is a family tradition! Georgia and Erin’s father earned a black belt while studying under Shihan years ago. We knew the girls’ would be in the best hands right from the start. It has been amazing to see both girls work hard to achieve their goals.”


student spotlight
Student Spotlight on Erin and Georgia!                       March 21, 2018

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