Think before you speak

think before you speak

We follow many martial arts schools and dojos on Instagram because we like to share in their journey of teaching and educating.  There is so much great information to be gathered from social media and when we find something we really like we give a shout-out. In this case @lewiskarate posted this recently; “think before you speak”

5 Questions to ask yourself

T – true?

H – helpful?

I – inspiring?

N – necessary?

K – kind?

Notice the word “justified” isn’t anywhere to be found – imagine that! Here are some bits of wisdom that students training at Bushido Karate have heard before!

You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth. You should watch and listen twice as much as you speak.


Maybe someone does have to say something. But does it have to be you?

…speaking of social media

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