The facts about self-defense

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This is a topic I’ve wanted to address for some time. Specifically women’s self-defense, since this is where much of the marketing dollars are spent. Millions are spent on development and production, marketing and advertising, all aimed at one demographic: women!

Pepper spray, claws and sirens OH MY!

These all sound like a sure-fire way to defend yourself. Just have that tiny can of pepper spray in your hand AT ALL TIMES and spray exactly in the intended area. Or wear those claws on your knuckles AT ALL TIMES so that you can easily become a tigress defending her cubs. Sirens are great if you are expecting people to come help you, no matter where you are. Oh, and you need to carry it AT ALL TIMES

“The Art of Umbrella Self-Defense” also known as “Mary Poppins Save My A#@!”

I’ve taught dozens of Women’s Self-Defense Classes and every time I ask if anyone has taken a self-defense class previously. The very large majority are “No”‘s (!!) with a few “Yes”‘s now and then. And a lot of time those yes answers included being taught to use any object close to you as a weapon. Hearing that really makes me cringe. It’s a disservice. The sad fact is that many times your purchased self-defense weapons – like sprays and devices – or objects you randomly pick up are used against you.

The weapons you have everyday

In our karate* school we begin to add weapons training to our curriculum for Intermediate level students. Most have been training consistenly for 12 to 18 months before we allow them to even touch a weapon. The reason is very simple: they first have to get used to their own weapons – brain, hands, feet, legs, etc etc – before they can learn more. The use of weapons is to be used as an extension of our own weapons.

*Yes, I know, karate means “empty hand”. Our students learn and practice “empty hand” techniques, like, forever!

Women’s Self Defense Class

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