Teens Karate

It’s our 20th Anniversary and we’ll be celebrating in 2018 with PROMOTIONS and GIVEAWAYS every month!

Disciplined Karate Classes for Teens

Our Beginner Level Karate for Teenagers offers them the opportunity to train in a friendly and safe environment with other teens as well as adults. IMG_2590

Teens at Bushido Karate have respect for new students  and Beginners soon realize the welcoming atmosphere and willingness to help.  We understand that taking your first karate class can be intimidating; we promise you will feel welcome and will meet people that just want to help!

“My favorite thing about training at Bushido Karate is the people. There is diversity at this school and everyone supports each other no matter what” 

Through consistent training the importance of self-discipline becomes an obvious component to achieving any goals, from completing assignments at school to earning your next karate belt. Teens at Bushido Karate benefit from positive role models in our instructors and senior students and realize the importance of encouragement and support as well as self-confidence and discipline.

Check our full schedule! Bushido Karate Class Schedule

One Month Introductory Karate Program

Our One Month Introductory Program will give you or your teenage child the opportunity to experience our  Teen Beginner Karate Program. Training in classes with your teenager is even more rewarding and allows you to share something in common.  One Month of training is only $149.00 and includes a FREE Uniform!



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