Martial Arts Fitness Series 2, Episode 1

Series 2 of MAF puts techniques together in a class setting

Martial Arts Fitness Intermission

I know that if you’ve been practicing the techniques from CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE Series 1 that you are psyched to begin Series 2! Here’s my intermission video – can’t wait to start putting it all together! Series 2 premiers April 30, 2018. Thanks for watching! IContinue reading “Martial Arts Fitness Intermission”

Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 6

This is the sixth and final episode of our CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE  series. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning the techniques used by practicing martial artists. By using all the non-contact components of our style, Martial Arts Fitness training defines muscles and strengthens core function. The most importantContinue reading “Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 6”