Student Spotlight No. 39

adult karate student with face hidden

“The attention to detail and intensity brought to every class pushes me to focus more and try harder.”

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Teach martial arts to your kids with videos! SERIOUSLY?

boy in karate uniform and smiling

Find out the best reason a parent should let a professional martial artists teach their child!

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Student Spotlight No. 38

adult martial artist behind question mark

“…got started because he was watching his step-daughter take classes. ” Who is in our spotlight this week?!

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Student Spotlight No. 37

student spotlight picture covered with question mark

“…a great asset to Bushido Karate and a power of example for both younger and older students. When she came back after a long absence we were thrilled to have her return – like coming home again!”

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Are all black belts instructors? Part 1

title on top of background

Are all black belts instructors? Hmmm…Part 1 of a 2-part series gives the answer

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