This week’s Student Spotlight

“We love the confidence the girls have gained while training at Bushido Karate”.     

Foods that can help, or hurt, inflammation

“Small, gradual changes are typically more sustainable and easier for the body to adapt to,” writes Axe. “So rather than emptying your pantry and sailing off to the Mediterranean, you can pursue an anti-inflammatory diet one step at a time.”

Cold Therapy Unit review, pros and cons

As part of my recovery this particular cold therapy unit was prescribed by my surgeon for post-arthroscopic adhesive capsulitis release ( also known as frozen shoulder), with biceps tenodesis. I was instructed to wear it constantly -”

This week’s Student Spotlight

“I believe karate offers the opportunity to develop self-confidence, discipline and respect. Bushido Karate has done all that while offering family centered activities.”     

This week’s Student Spotlight

“Personal attention to every student and making it fun and enjoyable for kids makes Bushido Karate standout”

Small Group Training comes to Bushido Karate!

Certified Personal Trainer and Bushido Karate student Jair C. De Oliveira Jr. will hold his first Small Group Training session on Monday, September 10th at 9:30 a.m. at The Bushido School of Karate