Why do students quit at brown belt? Part 2

“When a student has passed test after test, has learned and grown, even prospered in their martial arts training, why would fear of failure suddenly take such a strong hold?”

Is kata, or form, important to martial arts training?

“… it’s a muscle-toning, calorie-burning, cardiovascular blast!” What is it? Find out here

This week’s Student Spotlight

“___?____ is 10 years old, is in 5th grade and was recently promoted to blue belt at Bushido Karate…”

This week’s Student Spotlight

“…discipline, respect and confidence that will lead him to create a commitment for a better life.”

This week’s Student Spotlight

Click to read the rest of this sentence: “My favorite thing (about training) at  Bushido Karate is …”

The buzz on honey, sweetie

“Performance athletes, including martial artists training at an intense level, need endurance as well as skill. You can be technically fantastic, but if you “hit the wall”, ( i.e. no energy left at all, cooked, baked, finito, put a fork in you) you’re done. And in the martial arts that could mean the difference between walking away and being carried.”