Student Spotlight No. 36

female martial artists hidden by question mark

“…a great asset to Bushido Karate and a power of example for both younger and older students. When she came back after a long absence we were thrilled to have her return – like coming home again!”

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Student Spotlight No. 35

karate student with face hidden by question mark

This 17-year old has been a student most of his life! Bushido Karate has given him “…a foundation for my character, my mental fortitude, and my will to put 110% into everything I do.” Find out who is in the spotlight this week!

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Student Spotlight No. 34

karate boy hidden by question mark

This 6-year old “…gets a great work out and learns to set his mind to achieve and improve to a higher level. He also has lots of fun!”

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Is it hard to get a black belt?

If you have learned that it is hard to get a black belt, you were misinformed. That’s right! It is easier than ever to get a black belt.

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The reasons for the kiai in martial arts

karate kicks on a pad

A strong kiai will have a resounding affect and will alert others. A very important reason to continuously practice kiais is so that doing it becomes second nature.

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