Student Spotlight No. 31

teenager hidden by question mark

This 17 year old 3rd degree black belt has 11 years experience “under his belt”

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Top 5 reasons kids should practice martial arts

kids in karate uniforms

A great article published by with 5 reasons kids can benefit from the martial arts

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Learn what swim lessons and self-defense have in common

women in self defense class

Self-defense class is like learning to swim on land. Find out how!

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Student Spotlight No. 30

female karate student behind a question mark

Not only is she a blue belt but she’s also in her 2nd year of graduate school!

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Student Spotlight No. 29

teenager in karate uniform

“… impressed with The Bushido School of Karate. In addition to learning valuable self-defense they emphasize training the whole person, mentally and emotionally.”

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