Student Spotlight No. 34

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On the journey to black belt

The Bushido School of Karate is so appreciative of the students and families that are a part of our Bushido Karate family. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching for over 2 decades and in that time have been privileged to teach thousands of students. Everyone started at the beginning with no shortcuts, and we are so proud of their accomplishments.  Our weekly Student Spotlight features randomly chosen students on their own journey at The Bushido School of Karate.

This week’s spotlight is on Franco!

Franco is 6 years old, is in 1st grade and is a blue belt. He began his Bushido Karate training in September 2018.

Bushido Karate makes me feel: good.

My favorite part of class is: I learn something new each day.

I like to learn: the forms.

– Franco

As a 6-year old boy Franco loves to kick and yell. Bushido Karate gives him an opportunity to get an hour of kicking & yelling while learning discipline & self-defense. He also gets a great work out and learns to set his mind to achieve and improve to a higher level. He also has lots of fun!

– Franco’s mom
Student spotlight on Franco!
May 1st, 2019

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