Student Spotlight No. 32

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The Bushido School of Karate is so appreciative of the students and families that are a part of our Bushido Karate family. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching for over 2 decades and in that time have been privileged to teach thousands of students. Everyone started at the beginning with no shortcuts, and we are so proud of their accomplishments.  Our weekly Student Spotlight features randomly chosen students on their own journey at The Bushido School of Karate.

This week’s spotlight is on Deshi Josh!

Deshi is 25 years old, and is in his 2nd year of medical school. He began his Bushido Karate training in October 2001. Fifteen years later in March of 2016 he achieved the rank of 4th degree black belt. In April 2017 he was awarded the title of Deshi. A Deshi is more than a student. Deshi are apprentice(s) of the Master instructor. It is a Japanese term used in the systems of many styles of martial arts. At The Bushido School of Karate we have awarded this rank to only a handful of long-time students. Deshi are expected to pass along the tradition to future generations.

Balancing his lifestyle

We don’t get to see Deshi Josh as often as we would like. The very impressive reason for this is because he is in his 2nd year of medical school. While pursuing his career in pediatric medicine, he always comes back to train and help when he gets a break. The smiles on our younger student’s faces when “Deshi is back” are heartwarming.

Short and sweet, Deshi Josh’s quote below sums up perfectly the atmosphere we all are lucky to have!

Bushido means family. I love how even when I’m away, I can always come back to my second home- to see everyone improving and getting better.

– Deshi Josh
Student spotlight on Deshi Josh
March 21, 2019

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