Virtual Private Karate Lessons, monthly subscription

$159.00 / month

Learn the basics of traditional karate in your own home! Real-time private lessons and group training for ages 8 and up. CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY®



Learn the basics of Bushido Karate in your own home with two Virtual Private Karate Lessons every week! Your monthly subscription allows you to lock in the best time for your schedule. Changes are no problem; just be consistent twice a week and you’ll get to where you’re going! If you haven’t purchased a stand-alone Private Lesson yet we suggest you start there. You’ll meet and train with a black belt  instructor and have an opprtunity to ask questions before becoming a monthly subscriber.

Monthly subscriptions

  • Earn your white belt in one month
      • One month of consistent training means you will earn your very own white belt!  Your white belt will be mailed to you along with your diploma, wear it proudly!
  • Learn techniques in achievable steps to develop your basics 
      • After every 8 lessons you’ll mark your progress by adding a black stripe to your belt
  • Tone and shape muscles and burn calories
      • By your third month of training and improving you’ll begin to see positive changes in your body tone
  • Build confidence as you see yourself getting better
      • Consistent training will make techniques become second nature
  • Optional upgrade to full online membership
      • This means group classes with others at your level in addition to Private Lessons
  • Cancel your membership at anytime
      • We hope you don’t but we’ll honor any requests for cancelations before your next renewal

Former Bushido Karate students

If you’re a former student, we’d love to see you again! From Intermediate Level to Advanced you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning from Shihan Mehrkar. 🙇‍♂️

We remember all of our former students so when we see your registration and purchase you can be sure we know who you are. OSU