Statistics: Sexual assault on campus

Bushido Karate self defense

Do statistics matter?

Only 1 in 700,000 people will be struck by lightning in a given year.  Not a high number but we all know what to do in a lightning storm! One of the reasons that statistic is so low  is because we learned what to do to avoid being struck in a lightning storm!

Are the statistics on campus sexual assault accurate?

There is a lot of dispute about the accurate number of sexual assaults on college campuses.  In a printed excerpt from the documentary film The Hunting Ground  ;

“… according to nearly every national study, an undergraduate woman has between a 1 in 10 and 1 in 6 chance that she will experience rape or attempted rape while in college.”

For argument’s sake, let’s say the accurate number is much different. We’ll move it so low that it’s only 1%, or 1 in 100. Isn’t that enough to want to learn how to protect yourself? You don’t wander in open fields during lightning storms wrapped in aluminum foil with a 50 foot antenna stuck in your head. How many times have you told your kids to stay outside when they see lightning?

Women’s Self-Defense Class

A good women’s self-defense class will educate and empower you. It is a real disservice for an instructor to move right into physical self-defense with participants. And it might be even worse if the teacher tells you to rely on pepper spray or some other purchased  weapon.

The Bushido School of Karate’s Women’s Self-Defense Class provides participants with the facts and fiction regarding self-protection.  Sensei Werdal offers these classes to the general public and small and large businesses .

We’ll be hosting a free Women’s Self Defense Class on May  10th at our karate school in White Plains, N.Y.  Registration begins in April and space will be limited. If you’d like to be notified when you can register online, just complete the field below! In the meantime be sure to checkout pictures of past classes on our Facebook page.


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