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Downloadable karate lessons can be purchased in our store, or by clicking the links below. They are available to the public but are intended for our students use. Bushido Karate students receive a 50% discount off downloadable videos after each belt promotion.

Our students are expected to practice each technique and requirement in order. Once a student is ready to test for their black belt, these videos are invaluable. Using our collection of instructional videos is important through a student’s martial arts career!


Streaming karate lessons are available by subscription (with a 3-DAY FREE TRIAL!). Streaming customers receive all of the fitness-based videos found in our downloadable version. They do not include techniques which require a partner (such as grappling). Another difference is that with a streaming subscription you’ll receive ALL of the videos at once, available to stream.

Streaming karate lessons are meant for a variety of customers! Any fitness level or ability will be thankful for the muscle toning moves found only in the martial arts. As we introduce more challenging techniques, we offer modifications to appeal to all abilities.

Streaming karate lessons are available through our partnering with Vimeo. They are a leader in providing quality, uninterrupted streaming platforms for businesses. When you click the link to our videos you will automatically receive a 3-DAY FREE TRIAL!

Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE

Our series of videos posted on YouTube educate viewers about how to properly execute martial-arts based techniques to get the best results possible!

Each video is about 10 minutes and provides step-by-step instruction for viewers to follow. You can always refer back to them whenever you like, and over time you’ll have a complete head-to-toe work-out that will change your mind, and change your body!

Sensei Werdal taught these classes for many years after earning her Certified Personal Trainer certification. Her students reported getting the best result of any workout they had tried. We have re-introduced our M/A FITNESS Program in 2020 .  Our latest class schedule includes all classes included in both our Karate and M/A FITNESS Programs.

Click here to get the secret to the best workout!

Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 2

Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 3




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