One Month Trial – Karate Classes

Our One Month Trial includes eight (8) beginner level Karate classes. This is the best way for you or your child to experience our training. Meet our staff and teachers and even earn your first belt!

Registering for our One Month Trial means we want to briefly know your reasons for enrolling. Whether it is for discipline, self-defense, fitness or even a family activity. It’s important to us, too!

How to get started

Call us! Our number is (914) 993 – 0400. Stop by! We are located directly across from the YMCA in downtown White Plains, N.Y. at 257 Mamaroneck Avenue. The cost is only $159.00 for one month of Karate classes for kids, teens or adults.

What to expect

After you complete the quick registration process, you’re ready to begin! Wear comfortable clothing such as loose fitting sweatpants and a t-shirt with sleeves. You will be barefoot.

If you’re taking your first class at the same time you register, we’ll show you everything you need to know! Our teachers and students are all welcoming to new students. We were all brand new at one time!

If you schedule your first class in advance we will call you the day before to confirm your appointment. Once you walk in our door we will be ready to show you around and get you on the mat.

Earning your first belt

Earning different belts in the martial arts is important and traditional. Our students earn their belts by trying hard in every class. Every one of our students earned their first belt, a white belt, during their One Month Trial.

New students must simply try their best and attend their classes in order to earn his or her first belt. After a minimum of five (5) classes and their best effort, a new student earns a white belt! It’s a real achievement and is the first step for all Bushido Karate students.

After the One Month Trial

Before your introductory period has ended we schedule some time to review the next step. Our One Month Trial has given you, and your child, the opportunity to know our school, students, instuctors and staff.

There is no further obligation to join. We do not use high-pressure sales. Our One Month Trial is the only way to know if a Bushido School of Karate black belt is in your future!

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