Martial Arts Fitness Series 2, Episode 4

This episode of CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE gets us down on the ground for some complementary ab and booty toning.

You already have a 6-pack

Whether you’re in it for over-50 functional maintenance or taking it to a more intense level, your abdominal muscles always need attention. They hold us up, assist in just about every movement and it’s where we see that coveted 6-pack. Did you know you already have a 6-pack? It’s there alright – it’s just hiding. In order to hit those particular muscles (rectus abdominus) you need to get in some specific movements. I cover that in this episode.

An 8-pack is 2 more than a 6-pack

Your “lower ab’s” that add that extra 2 are actually the same as your “upper ab’s”. They are all part of the rectus abdominus.  But your lower abdomen is usually overlooked in fitness and that 8-pack seems so elusive. It’s really not. With some targeting to that area you will develop those lower muscles, too. I show you a certain type of sit-up for that. And OMG – you will feel it.

It’s all about that bass


So we like to look just as good going as we do coming. It IS all about that bass! There are tons and tons of ways to sculpt and define that booty. Machines can get you there, but I believe in using your own body to get in the best shape. The exercise I cover in this episode is great because -as you’ll see in an upcoming episode – there are variations. A whole class can be doing basically the same move with varying degrees of difficulty.  Start here, with CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY Martial Arts Fitness Series 2, Episode 4 by BUSHIDO KARATE.

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