Martial Arts Fitness Series 2, Episode 2

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Here’s Episode 2 in the 2nd series of CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE .

You can easily watch all episodes in Series 1 in about an hour. I recommend that before beginning Series 2. Keep in mind, though, that becoming proficient takes time. To put it in perspective, it normally takes about 6 months for students to be comfortable enough with these techniques to be able to test for their next karate belt. And even then, these basics are practiced regularly. They are the foundation for future training.

As an art form the moves and techniques are specific. Muscle memory is a real thing, and techniques must be practiced correctly to be executed correctly. Take your time. Expect improvement and progress with each training session.

Have fun working on your upper block, down block, front and back punch and knee kicks in this episode. Points to remember:

  • Elbows should touch when fixing for upper block and down block. Squeeze your arms together and feel the pull in your shoulders.
  • Knee kicks are propelled from the hips. Think of landing a knee kick in the bully’s belly when the bully is about 2 feet away from you. Get the reach with the hips.
  • Front punch and back punches are linear techniques. Push your punches out in a straight line from shoulder to elbow to knuckles. Pay attention to your elbows when punching. Imagine walls on either side of you; your elbow would hit the wall if you’re not punching straight in.
  • Have fun, be patient, train hard!

Martial Arts Fitness, Series 2 Episode 2


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