Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 5

MAF Series 1, Episode 5

Our fifth episode of our CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE  reviews techniques from past episodes, but now we’ll be alternating sides.  Great for brain training!

We’ll expand on front punch/back punch combos in this episode, too. It will require quick thinking and will produce a few giggles. Of course you’ll also be sculpting and defining your upper arms .

Introducing light hand weights

In our next series we’ll be using hand weights to increase the burn and get better results. In episode 5 we talk about what type weights you should start with.  Don’t knock yourself out (perhaps literally) by using heavy weights.  Watch this episode for our explanation of why we’re taking baby steps.

Watch past episodes

These series and episodes are meant to be watched in order. Since we are building on what we’ve learned previously,  view these past episodes first. Each link below will first take you to the blog post. Read a short description of the video and then click the link within the post to be taken to our YouTube channel.

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This week’s episode: Episode 5

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