Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 2

Martial Arts Fitness episode 2

We continue our CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE series with episode 2 – down block, groin kick and a combination to train your brain!

A down block can be used to block a “groin kick” or a “front kick” as it sweeps in front of your body. It can also produce some pretty amazing upper arms, especially if you add light weight. Using the groin kick – be careful not to lock your knee, but get full extension – will improve balance, stamina and focus as well as hitting those muscles in your upper legs.

According to an article by Melissa Roth in Fitness magazine :

Stronger legs may indeed be a secret to staying slim. “When you increase the strength and endurance of your legs, it generally makes it easier to exercise and move around, leading to greater physical activity throughout the day. You burn more calories overall,” McCarthy says. In fact, a University of Alabama at Birmingham study found that women who maintained weight loss one year after dieting had much greater leg strength than those who didn’t.

You can read the full article here.

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Martial Arts Fitness Series 1, Episode 2

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