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Toddler Martial Arts, Fun and Fast Paced

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Little Eagles™ Martial Arts strengthens motor-skills and teaches toddlers sharing and taking turns. Pre-schoolers 3 to 4 years old learn about good behavior and habits. Age appropriate games and lesson plans provide structure and discipline.

Our Little Eagles™ classes are held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 p.m.. Students can attend either, or both classes each week. . Register now for only $99 a month! Give us a call at (914) 993-0400 or stop by. A FREE Uniform is included for new students.

Little Eagles Martial Arts ONLINE

Download Little Eagles™ Martial Arts quick-tip videos!  Great ideas and advice to train the littlest martial artists! These very short clips of students in action can be used by:

  • Parents who would like to add structured exercise to their toddler’s day
  • Care-takers and kid-sitters to entertain and teach
  • Pre-schools wanting to add age-appropriate new ideas to the daily schedule
  • Professional martial-artists starting a toddler program or needing creative inspiration

For more information about Little Eagles™  Martial Arts licensing opportunities and toddler-friendly marketing material, visit Find great articles and information on Little Eagles Facebook page at


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