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Bushido’s Karate Classes

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that structure is necessary – not for control of an individual – but rather for the benefit of the group. Practicing respect for others may mean having to learn patience and developing self-control . Someone needing to develop self-discipline will naturally acquire this by maintaing a consistent class schedule. Holding students accountable for their progress and earning advancement has always been vital to their success

Shihan Mehrkar has over 40 years experience teaching traditional kyokushin-based karate to students of all ages. Our curriculum includes aspects of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or BJJ, at every level of training. Ours is a style and school known for discipline, respect and effective training

Our Training

While our karate classes are seperated by age and ability, every student follows the same requirements at each level of training. Joining Bushido Karate as a family is the perfect activity. Parents and kids get their own time with students their own age, plus the ability to share mutual achievements!

Every dynamic class brings together cardiovascular work-outs with resistance training and memorization with quick-thinking. Our karate classes truly train your mind and body. Describing what happens in each class does not compare to experiencing what happens. That’s why we offer all interested students the opportunity to enroll for a One Month Trial.

One Month of Introductory Membership

Starting slowly with a One Month Trial, our Introductory Beginner Level membership will get you acquainted with our school and style. Two in-person classes each week plus two online classes each week means you’ll have a greater understanding of our program.

Practicing the basics in beginner Karate Classes is where every one of our black belts started. Whether you want to take it that far, and join the ranks of the elite, is up to you.  We’re here to help you succeed no matter what your personal goals are. Small class sizes allows personal attention to each student.

Our Schedule of Classes is visible on our Calendar page. You will be participating in either Kids Beginner ( 4 to 11 ) or Adult Beginner (12 and up). When you purchase your One Month Trial you will need to create an Account. The My Account page is where you will find everything needed and available to you during your One Month Trial /Beginner Introductory Level.

Discounts for Family Members, Start Your TRIAL Today!

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