Is it hard to get a black belt?

If you have learned that it is hard to get a black belt, you were misinformed. That’s right! It is easier than ever to get a black belt. Just type “martial arts black belt” in any search engine and you will find many results. Click on the site you like the most, and place your order. You will get a black belt delivered to your door in a matter of days. Imagine that! You can get a black belt in any style of martial art, or many styles, all within days! And you thought it would take years!

It’s not easy to earn a black belt

Ah! There is a big difference in those two words: “get” and “earn”. Getting a black belt is a matter of having a credit card. Earning a black belt is an entirely different concept. There are many different systems in place for the many styles of martial arts to achieve “their” black belt. Sadly, some are not as tough as others. (Yes, I said tough. It should be tough!) This post is not about those huge discrepancies – maybe in the future I’ll comment on that. This is about earning, and becoming, a black belt.

At The Bushido School of Karate earning a black belt is a minimum of 3 years of training. A student’s training towards that goal begins on their very first class. Kicks, punches, self-defense, kata – those are all important techniques and requirements and become more challenging at each level of training. Many times a senior ranking student can adequately teach these techniques. On the other hand, learning to work with others, good sportsmanship, fairness, conflict resolution, compassion, empathy, leadership skills and mentoring are the responsibility of a black belt.

To become a black belt you have to train as one!

Earning a black belt is far different than getting a black belt; becoming a black belt is the next part of the journey after earning one. We always remind our students that if all their requirements are demonstrated, he or she will earn the next belt. A green belt with strong knowledge of their curriculum will be promoted to red belt. Once promoted to red belt, it is then that the student has become a green belt. Once a red belt is earned, the next part of the journey is becoming a red belt.

Moving into the role of becoming a black belt is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Black belts are expected to help and assist in classes for their fellow students. This reenforces a black belt’s already strong and impressive techniques, but the purpose is even more important. It affords a black belt student the opportunity to become a black belt: a black belt student humbling him or her self to learn from a white belt is where the journey of becoming begins.


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