Inspiration from my mom

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Misery is optional

My mother liked that saying so much she had bumper stickers made! That should also give you instant understanding of the person my mom really is. Misery is optional is a great inspirational tidbit, but living it is truly the power of example.

What I learned from my mom

-My mom was the 2nd oldest in a family of 7 children. When she was a teenager, she lived with her step-mother and father. This was not a good fit. As soon as my mom turned 18, she moved out. The lesson: when you can change your circumstances, do it.

-She entered the Mt. Vernon School of Nursing and quickly excelled.  Marrying my dad, raising 2 kids and going back to college to earn her Masters Degree, she eventually became VP of  Patient Care at a Connecticut Hospital. The lesson: as soon as you find your passion, do it.

-When my mom developed breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, she allowed doctors to take care of her physically. She took care of her soul by developing a closer relationship with God and her religion. Eventually becoming an Episcopal deacon, she was able to console countless others who were sick and suffering. The lesson: You have a choice when facing adversity. Choose to serve, and do it.

-My mother had the strongest work ethic of anyone I know. She rarely took a sick day and was up and on the road to her job at the crack of dawn. When I began working at the age of 16, she took it more seriously than I. Never, ever would she “call in sick” for me. I knew better than to even ask her to do that! And if I had a lot of homework in addition to working that day, the answer was simple. Go to work, stay up late and get up early to finish my homework.  The lesson: When you commit to something ( like a job), do it.

-Absolutely no whining was allowed in our home. That would make my mother tune me out. The lesson: Whining is annoying, so don’t do it.

Choose to be inspiring

My mom knows that misery is optional, and she chooses to be inspired and inspire every day.  She has even self-published a compilation of her articles originally written for the church bulletin. Spiritual and humorous in nature, her short observations about life will make you smile and feel good. What Do the Others Do? by Lynn Werdal

Happy Mother’s Day!


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