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Find your courage

Courage and confidence are not the same thing.  Confidence sounds like “I got this”, whereas courage sounds like “I’m gonna give it my best shot”.

It is no coincidence that we chose the name “Bushido” to represent our karate school and our style.  In fact it is probably why so many dojos have been inspired to include “Bushido” somewhere in their identity. It holds powerful meaning in the martial arts.

Translated to “The Way of the Warrior”  we felt even more strongly about using Bushido in our name when we learned of The Seven Principles of The Bushido. Note that if you search online you will find derivations of these principles, or virtues.  At The Bushido School of Karate, we use the following seven positive characteristics as the Bushido code:

Courage * Justice * Generosity * Politeness * Honor * Honesty * Loyalty

In this, our first week of blogging, inspiration and courage were at the forefront! It doesn’t take self-confidence to start something new – it takes courage.  You don’t need to lose weight to start working out – you need courage.  And you don’t need to keep making excuses before changing – you need courage to find the reasons to do it. 

It’s usually a lot easier to find excuses than to come up with reasons. We tend to sabotage ourselves into trying nothing and attempting even less. It is so hard to be truthful and honest with ourselves. When we choose to think we’re “too busy” that becomes our excuse. But when we find the courage to be honest with ourselves we usually find fear is the root of our excuses.  Fear of being embarrassed, or feeling inadequate…yeah, that all sounds like “I’m too busy”.  Find your courage and your reasons!


The Best Workout has these 4 Components

The Best Workout

In this first fitness blog we’ll give you the solid and true answer to the best workout. It’s something I get asked often as a certified personal trainer and I give the same answer every time!

Ten minutes is all it takes to watch the first video in our series of basics. Episode 1 covers a great technique to develop those coveted rounded shoulders and knee kicks taught with proper control and form.

You’ll also learn what type of stretches should follow these techniques and what we’ll cover in future episodes.

The 4 components of the best workout

Each of these is essential to fitness success, including cardiovascular training for  a stronger heart and increased stamina; resistance training to produce tone and fit muscles and stretching which is often overlooked but extremely important to avoid injury and increase flexibility. And the fourth component? We couldn’t make it that easy and just tell you! You’ll find the answer in the first video in our new series CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE . Here it is!  (You will be taken to our YouTube channel in a new window)

Our F.I.S.T. blog!

Bushido Karate blog: Fitness, Inspiration, Students & Topics

It’s Bushido Karate’s first blog and we’re calling it F.I.S.T. !

We’ll post four times a week on the four points mentioned. Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Fitness will be in the form of short videos posted to YouTube giving you tips and advice on how to incorporate martial arts techniques into a more interesting workout without the contact found in traditional martial arts. We’re calling the series Change Your Mind, Change Your Body®, Martial Arts Fitness by Bushido Karate

Inspiration may come from anywhere – video, links, quotes, books, etc.  The Seven Principles of the Bushido will play a big part in these posts as each plays an important role in our daily lives and we could all use a little inspiration!

Students deserve the spotlight! We’ll randomly choose a student at The Bushido School of Karate and feature him or her in our blog! Get to know the great people training together at Bushido Karate!

Topics will cover reviews on products used by the martial arts community, links to articles and news we’d like your opinion on, local and national events featuring the influencers in our industry, etc etc etc…

We hope you’ll subscribe, enjoy , comment on and even share our F.I.S.T. blog.  First post ( drumroll please )…..March 5th, 2018.

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