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Karate Classes

Traditional Karate classes based on a strong curriculum, old-school training and respect for our school, our style and fellow students. Classes are separated by age and ability and are offered 6 days of the week.  Students and teachers at The Bushido School of Karate enjoy a family atmosphere and welcome all new students onto our mat.  All of our Karate students started their journey with a One Month Trial. 

Little Eagles® Martial Arts

Toddlers and pre-schoolers ages 3 and 4 enjoy these age-appropriate specialized classes!  Considered a “pre-karate” program, little kids learn to take turns, share and interact with others. Read more here.

Karate for Kids

Self-confidence and self-defense are important parts of our curriculum.  At The Bushido School of Karate, our experience in teaching and our commitment to our students provide an excellent place for your child to learn and develop. Kid’s karate classes at The Bushido School of Karate are exciting and fun in a structured and safe environment. Kids 4 through pre-teen love our training !

“I like that I get to work out and have fun at the same time. Also, I like how you have to work for your stripes and belt.”

We publish Student Spotlights as a feature in our F.I.S.T. blog. Read more from our students and their parents on our blog posts page.

Karate for Teens and Adults

For most people, the maturity level of older kids 12 years and up means that he or she will not benefit or enjoy being in Kid’s Classes.  Their thought process has advanced to a level of comprehension and application. For this reason, our teen’s karate classes are combined with adult classes.  It’s true that a teenager can be much smaller than an adult. That’s OK because learning Karate is also about learning control. Students enrolled in our Teen and Adult Karate Program develop respect for each other at any age. 

Fitness plays a large role in our Teen’s and Adult Karate Program.  Heavy-bag training and circuit classes contribute to cardiovascular health and quicker response time. Practical self-defense comes from traditional Kyokushin Karate and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes. With accountability and commitment to a consistent schedule, positive physical and mental changes will begin to develop.   We mean it when we say CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® BUSHIDO KARATE


Family member discounts * Military/First Responder discount * Discounts for parents of our students

Before and after Karate classes…

The qualities that are important to a student’s success run past the mat! We encourage our students to build tighter bonds by attending our extracurricular events.

  • Movie Theme nights for kids ( yes, this extends to children of our adult students! Night out for Mom & Dad!)
  • Bushido Challenge tournament for those who wish to compete
  • Donation Days are held for one week every-other-month when we collect for a local charitable organization
  • Promotion Tests are held every 6 to 8 weeks and are a great way to watch, learn and show support for fellow students
  • Birthday Parties (only for our students!) offer fun, friendship and karate fitness

There are many, many benefits to becoming a student at The Bushido School of Karate and one way to find out… One Month Trial

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