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M.A. Fitness

ONLINE Training! Just $19.99 a month

Fitness kickboxing, circuit training, heavy bags and more for teens and adults….great work-outs for all levels!

Our all-fitness classes are held mornings, evenings and weekends. Incorporating cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility components for the best workout ever!  Attend as many classes as you like – this can be your primary fitness program or added to your current routine.

These classes are for all levels of ability. If you’re just starting you will be so happy here! Train at a pace that will slowly improve over time. Work-up a sweat, meet new people and have a lot of fun.  If you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic you can kick-it-up a few notches. Hit harder, kick faster, learn more advanced technique.

Karate vs. M.A. Fitness

Karate classes involve contact with other people. M.A. Fitness is a program of various work-outs for individual conditioning, weight loss and physical fitness. There is no contact with other people.

M.A. Fitness classes are included in our Teen and Adult Karate curriculum. This means that in addition to traditional Karate training, Bushido Karate students have full access to all M.A. Fitness classes.

New schedule begins January 6, 2020

Our latest schedule of classes includes M.A. Fitness. Morning, evening and weekend classes!