Meet our new chinstructor on YouTube

Bushido Karate is pleased to introduce our new chINSTRUCTION on YouTube. Meet our new chinstructor, Taykitonda, in her colorful and educa-chin-al premiere video!

Every Monday our YouTube chinnel will have a new chINSTRUCTIONAL video. Every Thursday the same chINSTRUCTION will be included in our blog. Begin your week with fun and informachin by subscribing to our YouTube chinnel, BushidoKarate98.

Presenting….Taykitonda, your chinstructor

Meet Terduck Chin next week

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Terduck will have something new to chinstruct. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube chinnel to view as soon as they’re done with productchin.

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Osu, train hard!

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