ChINSTRUCTION: What does Karate mean?

What does Karate mean? This educa-chin-al topic is being presented by Terduck Chin, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Meet our new chinstructor on YouTube

Bushido Karate is pleased to introduce our new chINSTRUCTION on YouTube. Meet our new chinstructor, Taykitonda, in her colorful and educa-chin-al premiere video!

Is board breaking important in martial arts? Part II

The simulation of being attacked and having to defend oneself is rarely, if ever, achieved in a controlled environment like a karate class. So how does a student know if that front kick will work when landed effectively in a self-defense situation? Board breaking.

Is board breaking important in martial arts? Part I

There is so much controversy and tons of opinions on this subject. How important board breaking is in the martial arts will also depend on what style you practice.

Why stretching is (still) important for weight loss and exercise

Perhaps the most well-known and accepted benefits of muscle stretching exercises are improved or maintained range of motion, or both;

Why do students quit at brown belt? Part 2

“When a student has passed test after test, has learned and grown, even prospered in their martial arts training, why would fear of failure suddenly take such a strong hold?”