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Why do students quit at brown belt? Part 2

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“When a student has passed test after test, has learned and grown, even prospered in their martial arts training, why would fear of failure suddenly take such a strong hold?”

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Teach martial arts to your kids with videos! SERIOUSLY?

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Find out the best reason a parent should let a professional martial artists teach their child!

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Are all black belts instructors? Part 1

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Are all black belts instructors? Hmmm…Part 1 of a 2-part series gives the answer

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It’s Women’s Health Week, and some things have changed ladies!

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“… I believe many, if not most health care providers are not aware of this new information.”

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Is it hard to get a black belt?

If you have learned that it is hard to get a black belt, you were misinformed. That’s right! It is easier than ever to get a black belt.

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