Bushido Karate Classes and Upcoming Events are postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus

March 23rd – 27th: All available Private Lesson times have been booked

Many students have hopped right on board the online training bus! All available times have been booked for the week of March 23rd. Students should check their Email often for more opportunities to train.

March 30th – April 3rd: Group Classes and more Private Lessons!

Group Classes

Emails have been sent to all our students with information concerning “Group” classes online. Students have been assigned to a Group based on their age and level of training. If you did not receive this Email please let us know. You can contact us at info@BushidoKarate.com

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available all day on Wednesdays, and limited availability between Group classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Bushido Karate students must have a password to book a Private Lesson – your password will be Emailed on Saturday, March 28th. If you do not receive this Email please contact us at info@BushidoKarate.com

Bushido Karate Class Schedule

Karate classes for pre-school, kids, teens and adults! Plus M/A Fitness for a fantastic non-contact workout! Our convenient class schedule can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Want to learn in your own home at your own pace? Download or stream Beginner and Intermediate level requirements! Read more

Upcoming Events Calendar

Become involved in our various upcoming events and activities! Create new friendships among students and their families. Movie Nights, Picnics, Fundraisers, Parades and Health Fairs are a small sampling of our training “off the mat”.

Attending Promotion Tests is encouraged for all students. We support each other and learn from each other. All of these events can be found on our downloadable and printable calendar.

Bushido Karate’s Google calendar is updated in real-time.


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