The Best Workout has these 4 Components

The Best Workout

In this first fitness blog we’ll give you the solid and true answer to the best workout. It’s something I get asked often as a certified personal trainer and I give the same answer every time!

Ten minutes is all it takes to watch the first video in our series of basics. Episode 1 covers a great technique to develop those coveted rounded shoulders and knee kicks taught with proper control and form.

You’ll also learn what type of stretches should follow these techniques and what we’ll cover in future episodes.

The 4 components of the best workout

Each of these is essential to fitness success, including cardiovascular training for  a stronger heart and increased stamina; resistance training to produce tone and fit muscles and stretching which is often overlooked but extremely important to avoid injury and increase flexibility. And the fourth component? We couldn’t make it that easy and just tell you! You’ll find the answer in the first video in our new series CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY® Martial Arts Fitness by BUSHIDO KARATE . Here it is!  (You will be taken to our YouTube channel in a new window)

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