Announcing Shihan Mehrkar’s retirement!

Our last classes will be held on June 28th, 2023

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We are taking a step back as we approach a time in our lives when change in lifestyle is needed. This also gives us opportunities to pivot our business model . We will focus on promoting, utilizing and licensing our trademark protected brands through various online platforms. Until our websites are ready to be published you can follow us on FB for updates and info.

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This has been a 25 year journey for partners in business, and in life, Shihan S. Mehrkar and Sensei C. Werdal. We have taught many, many students and we have learned from our many students. It has been an incredibly satisfying and succesful experience and we are grateful for the many families and individuals who supported us through the years.

Thank you for understanding our need for change. We know that change normally brings about some chaos – that’s totally natural. Chaos can feel uncomfortable but eventually the pieces fall into place and you have a new normal. Kind of like our first few days as a white belt! Exciting and different, a little scary but also fun. Embrace the changes in your life, because there are usually opportunities that come out of the chaos.

Osu, Shihan S. Mehrkar and Sensei C. Werdal