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It’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL time and our Kid’s Karate Classes fill-up quickly! Start your child’s school year with  DISCIPLINE DEVELOPMENT, CONFIDENCE BUILDING and  FUN!


karate classes


If you are looking for children’s karate, karate for teens and adults, or Little Eagles® Martial Arts for toddlers, we offer karate training for all ages. Learn more about our practical, effective and exciting martial arts classes and programs.

It’s our 20th Anniversary and we’ll be celebrating in 2018 with PROMOTIONS and GIVEAWAYS every month!

Kid’s Karate Classes

karate classes

Alex is on the journey to Black Belt! Click on the image to read his bio.

The Bushido School of Karate provides structure and discipline in a safe and family-friendly environment, for kids as young as 4 years old.

Bushido Karate students are kind, helpful and welcoming. You and your child will see that for yourselves during our One Month Introductory Program!

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For younger kids our Little Eagles® Martial Arts classes for toddlers 2-1/2 to 4 years old focus on taking turns and sharing, and respect for teacher!

Karate Classes for Teens

Classes for teens at the Bushido School of Karate  emphasize the importance of respect and courtesy.  Learning valuable self-defense and the need for self control go hand-in-hand at Bushido Karate.

karate classes

Teens learn basic self-defense, standing up and on the ground

Our One Month Introductory Program gives you and your teen the opportunity to experience classes and get to know other students, parents and instructors.

Karate for Adults

Keep your mind and body active in karate classes for adults!  Adults enroll in our classes for stress-relief, physical and mental fitness,  as a shared family activity or to achieve a life-long dream. They are all great reasons and our adult karate classes  father and sonsprovide all that and more! Our class schedule works for everyone – from lunch-hour to evening and weekends too – we make it easy for you to fit into your schedule. The best way for you to find out how much you’ll enjoy becoming a student is to try it for one month!



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